Bahnson, Making Peace with the Land

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Fred Bahnson and Norman Wirzba, Making Peace with the Land: God’s Call to Reconcile With Creation (Resources for Reconciliation). IVP Books, 2012.

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Publisher’s Description

God is reconciling all things in heaven and on earth.

We are alienated not only from one another, but also from the land that sustains us. Our ecosystems are increasingly damaged, and human bodies are likewise degraded. Most of us have little understanding of how our energy is derived or our food is produced, and many of our current industrialized practices are both unhealthy for our bodies and unsustainable for the planet.

Agriculturalist Fred Bahnson and theologian Norman Wirzba declare that in Christ, God reconciles all bodies into a peaceful, life-promoting relationship with one another. Because human beings are incarnated in material, bodily existence, we are necessarily interdependent with plants and animals, land and sea, heaven and earth. The good news is that redemption is cosmic, with implications for agriculture and ecology, from farm to dinner table.

Bahnson and Wirzba describe communities that model cooperative practices of relational life, with local food production, eucharistic eating and delight in God’s provision.

Reconciling with the land is a rich framework for a new way of life. Read this book to start down the path to restoring shalom and experiencing Jesus’ kingdom of shared abundance, where neighbors are fed and all receive enough.

About the Author

Fred Bahnson is a permaculture gardener, a pioneer in church-supported agriculture, and an award-winning poet and essayist. Bahnson is the director of the Food and Faith initiative at the Wake Forest University School of Divinity. Formerly, he was a Kellogg Food & Society policy fellow at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and the cofounder and former director of Anathoth Community Garden in Cedar Grove, North Carolina.

Bahnson is a contributor to the University Press of Kentucky book Wendell Berry and Religion edited by Joel Shuman and the author of the forthcoming Free Press book Soil and Sacrament: Four Seasons Among the Keepers of the Earth. His essay “Climbing the Sphinx” was featured in Best American Spiritual Writing 2007 edited by Philip Zaleski.

Norman Wirzba is Research Professor of Theology, Ecology and Rural Life at Duke Divinity School. He is the author of Food and Faith, Living the Sabbath and The Paradise of God.

McKibben is a former staff writer for The New Yorker and a frequent contributor to The New York Review of Books. His books include The End of Nature (Random House), The Age of Missing Information (Random House), The Comforting Whirlwind (Eerdmans) and, most recently, Hope, Human and Wild: True Stories of Living Lightly on the Earth (Little, Brown).

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