Berkley, Dynamics of Church Finance

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James D. Berkley, The Dynamics of Church Finance. Baker Books, 2000.

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Berkley is a recognized authority in the field of church administration. This book opens with a chapter on theology, but that is not its strength. Its best contribution is the practical and thorough advice it gives on issues of congregational financial stewardship, many of which are addressed nowhere else. By using the helpful index and the subject headings in the chapters, it should be easy to find information on any item. This is not a book of templates and boiler plates, and it is not as comprehensive as other manuals on the subject, but it is full of rich insight from a seasoned scholar/practitioner in the field. It is perhaps the best introduction available on the subject.

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From the Publisher

Continuing the six-part Ministry Dynamics series is this concise yet practical guide to issues surrounding church stewardship. Planning and budgeting, collecting and recording, spending and giving of church moneys are discussed in this clear and well-organized book for those in pastoral and support positions. Whether a young pastor seeks guidance on budgeting and finance or a seasoned servant needs a quick review of church financial responsibilities, The Dynamics of Church Finance provides detailed and up-to-date information to build confidence and sound financial practice.

Pastor Berkley begins with the theological model of stewardship and then applies it throughout the chapters, incorporating real-life stories to demonstrate financial principles. One chapter discusses the intricacies of capital campaigns for fund-raising; another reviews the legal and tax matters every pastor should know. Additional resources for further reading are at the conclusion of each chapter.

About the Author

James D. Berkley is an experienced pastor who serves on the staff of First Presbyterian Church in Bellevue, Washington. He has also served on the editorial staff of Leadership and as editor of Your Church. Berkley is the author of several books on church leadership, including the three-volume Leadership Handbook series.

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