Cordeiro, Doing Church as a Team

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Wayne Coideiro, Doing Church as a Team: The Miracle of Teamwork and How it Transforms Churches. Regal Books, 2009.

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Wayne Coidero is a popular writer in the field of church leadership. Here he shares most of the basic principles of team building, but provides the unique value of his experience of creating a gift-based, servant-leader, team-ministry culture with the New Hope Christian Fellowship of Oahu, Hawaii, which within the first nine years of its establishment grew to attendance of over 10,500. It is an inspiring presentation on the outworking of the best practices of team ministry.

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From the Publisher

Your church may have many members, but does every member have a purpose? In Doing Church as a Team, Pastor Wayne Cordeiro underscores that church numbers are insignificant when every individual is not involved. However, if the team members’ work together as one toward a single, clearly defined goal, anything is possible, and everyone shares in the joys and rewards of success! Pastor Wayne Coerdereiro shows you how to identify the hidden callings of the members in church so that together you can accomplish anything God has called you to do.

About the Author

DR. WAYNE CORDEIRO is senior pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship in Honolulu, one of the nation’s fastest-growing churches. He is also the president of New Hope International, a ministry dedicated to developing emerging leaders to plant twenty-first-century churches. Wayne has planted churches in the continental United States, Africa, Australia, Samoa, Japan, Myanmar, the Philippines and Europe. He travels extensively as a speaker and church consultant. Wayne and his wife, Anna, live in Hawaii with their children, Amy, Aaron and Abigail.

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