Cordeiro, Irresistible Church


Wayne Cordeiro, Irresistible Church: 12 Traits of a Church Heaven Applauds. Bethany House, 2012.

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Cordeiro reflects upon his experiences with the New Hope Church in Hawaii to offer TWELVE CHARACTERISTICS of in Irresistible Church. By “irresistible” he means more than people being drawn to the church, although this is likely to happen, but hopefully as a “by-product” of something more important. The author hopes that as churches bear these characteristics, they become irresistible to heaven. This book is about a church heaven can’t help but be deeply involved with, a church that God can’t help but bless and use for His eternal purposes. It’s a church that makes the angels shout Encore! It is Cordeiro’s description of what happens when the Hand of God blesses a church, of the “principles that keep us postured for His grace and rectify things when His hand seems to be lifting.”

The Twelve Characteristics - An Irresistible Church…

  • Trait 1: Hungers for the Presence of God
  • Trait 2: Remembers Who She Is
  • Trait 3: Lives Heart First
  • Trait 4: Practices Gratefulness
  • Trait 5: Promotes Healthy Relationships
  • Trait 6: Is Always Learning
  • Trait 7: Promotes Spiritual Self-Feeding
  • Trait 8: Connects Everything to a Soul
  • Trait 9: Chooses to Love
  • Trait 10: Takes Risks
  • Trait 11: Humbles Itself
  • Trait 12: Has a Plan

Each chapter covers one of the twelve traits. The book includes a study guide designed for use by Bible classes or small groups. The guide reviews the “Big Idea” of each chapter and suggests study and action items.

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Publisher’s Description

After more than 25 years of ministry in Hawaii, Wayne Cordeiro knows what kind of church God blesses. In fact, New Hope, the Honolulu church he founded, is one of the nation’s fastest growing churches.

Whether you’re a pastor, layleader, or person in the pew, this book will show you how your church can become one that God uses in incredible ways. Wayne Cordeiro lays out twelve practical steps to being a church that heaven applauds—including ways to encourage love for the community, develop a culture of serving, turn visitors into regular attenders, and much more.

Yet the focus, he says, is not on programs—it’s on being a church that God can’t help but bless. When a church hungers for the presence of God, promotes healthy relationships, and connects everything to a soul, it becomes a vibrant church that’s irresistible to God—and to people. These are characteristics that any church can develop—no matter the size of the congregation or the budget—to become irresistible. The included study guide will help you apply these principles to your church.

About the Author

Wayne Cordeiro is founding pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship in Honolulu, Hawaii with over 14,500 in weekly attendance as well as an author, songwriter, and highly sought-after speaker. He has authored ten books, including The Divine Mentor, Leading on Empty and Doing Church as a Team. He is a church planter at heart and has helped to plant over 100 churches around the world. He has been featured in numerous media outlets including Focus on the Family, Outreach and Ministry Today. Wayne and his wife, Anna, have three children and several grandchildren. Wayne and Anna now split their time between Hawaii and Eugene, Oregon where they have a family farm.

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