Coyner, Making A Good Move


Michael J. Coyner, Making A Good Move: Opening the Door to a Successful Pastorate. Abingdon, 1999. Summary

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This is a brief, practical guide for ministers in transition. It breaks transitional tasks into helpful timelines and directive lists for the first weeks, months, and years in a new location. Coyner provides unique resources on assessing one’s own leadership style and the leadership preferences of a church (e.g. leader or lover, rancher or shepherd, passive or showing initiative, fast or slow). He provides excellent illustrations of different types of churches and ministers, and how each type engages the transition.

From the Publisher

Pastors face numerous hurdles and pitfalls when they are appointed or called to a new pastoral position. The early months and first year in a new pastorate can be stressful and difficult, but Michael Coyner argues that these can also be particularly fruitful times. If one seizes opportunities for establishing and strengthening relationships with church members, and plans carefully for the transition out of the initial “honeymoon” period, these new beginnings can be among the most rewarding times of a pastor’s career.

Written in consultation with pastors from both call and appointment systems, Making a Good Move offers practical, step-by-step guidance on smoothly navigating the transition from one pastorate to the next. Anyone starting a new ministry placement, whether fresh out of seminary or a long-time seasoned veteran, will find Coyner’s advice to be of value.

About the Author

Michael J. Coyner is Resident Bishop, the Dakotas Area of The United Methodist Church.

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