Daniels, The First 100 Days


T. Scott Daniels, The First 100 Days: A Pastor’s Guide. Beacon Hill Press, 2011.

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Daniels covers some of the subjects one would expect on the things to do in the first 100 days of a new ministry, but more importantly, he emphasizes the importance of self-knowledge, listening, and building trust and authentic relationship. These form the foundation for a long-term relationship and for being able to initiate needed changes less disruptively. He likens the first 100 days to a golf swing. If the swing is off just a few degrees, it can create a bad trajectory for the ball. The longer the ball sails, the more likely it is to veer to one side or the other, and it is difficult to correct once it gains momentum. The first 100 days is like that, it sets the trajectory. This is an excellent book.

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From the Publisher

Every time a pastor goes to a new church, they form hopes, dreams, and expectations without necessarily realizing it for the progress and growth of their new ministry. Not only do these pastors have to transition into a new congregation and community, but they also have to think about building strong relationships with other influential people in the area. Almost every day, pastors of new churches face unexpected hardships and challenges. Some of the issues are financial mismanagement from their predecessor, moral or ethical misbehavior, or unresolved conflict that has just been suppressed long enough to find a new pastor. The fact is, pastors of new churches need guidance. The First 100 Days is for these pastors who need some guidance and insight to help them lead with godly wisdom and purpose during the first few months.

About the Author

SCOTT DANIELS is the Senior Pastor at First Church of the Nazarene of Pasadena (CA) and the Dean of the School of Theology at Azusa Pacific University. He is a frequent guest speaker at churches, camp meetings, lecture series and college campuses. Before moving to California, Dr. Daniels was an associate professor of theology at Southern Nazarene University and senior pastor at the Church of the Nazarene in Richardson, TX. Scott has a Ph.D. from Fuller Theological Seminary in Theology and Ethics and has contributed to several books, journals and magazines. His most recent book is Seven Deadly Spirits: The Message of Revelation’s Letters for Today’s Church.

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