Farris, Ten Commandments for Pastors Leaving a Congregation


Lawrence F. Farris, Ten Commandments for Pastors Leaving a Congregation. Eerdmans, 2006.

Companion volume: Ten Commandments for Pastors New to a Congregation. Eerdmans, 2006.

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These two companion volumes are excellent. The advantage is that each is written with a different piece of the transition process in mind. They are best for those who have already made a decision to leave or to enter a new work (i.e. they do not cover the search process). For those leaving a congregation, the volume on leaving provides help on knowing when it is time to go, explaining yourself, affirming the congregation, mending fences, facilitating good transition for your successor, caring for self and family emotionally and spiritually, staying away once you have left, and grieving. The volume on beginnings discusses getting to know a new congregational culture, preaching in the initial phases, studying church finances, creating realistic expectations, self-care, effective boundaries with chronic members, focusing on the essential activities of the ministry in your particular congregation, and monitoring outside involvement.

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About the Author

Lawrence W. Farris has served three pastorates in Maryland and Michigan. He teaches comparative religion at Glen Oaks Community College in Centreville, Michigan and is a church consultant.

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