Golv, Our Stewardship, Managing Our Assets

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John L. Golv, Our Stewardship: Managing Our Assets (Congregational Leader Series). Augsburg Fortress, 2002.

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This volume is part of the Congregational Leader Series published by Augsburg and intended primarily for Lutheran churches (ELCA), but quite usable for other fellowships. It conveys a strong emphasis on moving from a culture of scarcity to focusing on God’s abundance. This is both in terms of appreciating and utilizing the gifts God has already given a congregation, as well as prayerfully participating in the generosity and commitment necessary for the fulfillment of God’s wishes for our ministry. These themes are woven into discussions of asset management, building faith, increasing support, managing risks, creating endowments, etc. This is not as thorough a guide as one might need for all aspects of stewardship development (see Malphurs Money Matters in the Church and Berkley The Dynamics of Church Finance), but it is a good primer on the subjects it covers. Its strength is the emphasis on abundance vs. scarcity.

From the Publisher

Our Stewardship: Managing Our Assets looks at the reason your congregation has the gifts it has and how to use them well. This book should be used by pastors and congregational leaders for strategic planning, and management, finance, stewardship or property teams. Includes reproducible tools that can be downloaded and customized.

This is part of Augsburg’s Congregational Leader Series. It provides practical resources for planning and leadership development. The contents help lay leaders link the word of God to the particular history, mission, and membership of their congregation. The authors draw upon their expertise to show leaders how they can use their unique personal gifts to enrich the life of the congregation.

About the Author

John L. Golv is Pastor for Worship and Stewardship at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lindstrom, Minnesota. He has served congregations in North Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota, and was Stewardship Specialist and Mission Director in the Northeastern Iowa Synod of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America from 1990-1995.

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