Hammett, Gathered and Scattered Church


Edward H. Hammett, The Gathered and Scattered Church: Equipping Believers for the 21st Century, Second edition. Smyth and Helwys, 2005.

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Hammett argues the church must see itself in missional terms, i.e. the church is in a secular culture and must be equipped (gathered) to move outside its walls (scattered) into ministry in the weekday world. He suggests going beyond evangelism to representing Christian concerns to the world and serving their communities. Some of his ideas are quite creative, e.g. levels of membership with matching privileges based on maturity and commitment, but he is useful even for those who think more conventionally.

From the Publisher

Secularization is at the threshold of every church because it is in most Christian households. There is more to Christianity than attending church and serving on church committees. In a secular age, ministry for Christians in the daily world is as significant as their ministry inside the church walls.

Hammett takes seriously the issue that we are now living and serving in a secular culture. The message of Christ can penetrate the world when Christians learn to be and do church both inside and outside the walls of the church. He offers suggestions about understanding, activating, and evaluating the church and how we can equip believers for effective ministry in the 21 century.

Church leaders struggle to find effectiveness, fulfillment, and relevancy in this changing world. Hammett recognizes these challenges and offers opportunities for reframing ministry. He provides a guiding light toward success in seeking to share Christ in a secular age.

About the Author

Edward H. Hammett is Leadership-Discipleship Consultant for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina and serves various denominations as a consultant to assist churches in upgrading their ministry, philosophy, and mission statements for effective ministry in the 21st century.

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