Haugk, Spiritual Growth Through Spiritual Gifts

Kenneth Haugk, Ph.D., Spiritual Growth Through Spiritual Gifts, Stephen Ministries.

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Spiritual Growth through Spiritual Gifts is a resource produced by Stephen Ministries to help members discover and develop their spiritual gifts and then decide on ways they can use those gifts - as individuals and as groups - more joyously and effectively in service to God and the church. A group leader uses the Spiritual Growth through Spiritual Gifts Group Leader Guide to guide the group through eight 90-minute sessions that explore the biblical basis for spiritual gifts and God’s purpose for giving them. The Group Leader Set also includes the Spiritual Growth through Spiritual Gifts Group Member Manual and the Haugk Spiritual Gifts Inventory. It is available only through Stephen Ministries online store.

About the Author

As a pastor and clinical psychologist, Dr. Kenneth C. Haugk has counseled and cared for many people grieving the loss of a loved one. As the founder and executive director of Stephen Ministries, he has devoted his professional life to helping congregations train their members to minister to those who are grieving or struggling with other life difficulties.

His ministry took on deeper significance as he dealt with the death of his wife, Joan, in early 2002 after a three-and-a-half-year war with ovarian cancer. In putting together the four books comprising Journeying through Grief, Dr. Haugk writes from the heart, drawing from his professional work, his own personal experiences, and what he has learned from others who are grieving.

In 2003 he received the National Samaritan Award from the Samaritan Institute for the significant contributions he has made to the field of caring ministry.

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