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Dan Hotchkiss, Ministry and Money: A Guide for Clergy and Their Friends. Alban Institute, 2002.

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Hotchkiss addresses the uneasiness with which churches approach the subject of money. He argues that one of main reasons for this discomfort is that ministers either do not speak about money, or when they do, the message is mixed. This is partly due to the minister’s poor financial management personally, which is why Hotchkiss starts by helping them get their own house in order by crafting a good budget, getting solid financial advice, and planning for their futures. He also gives excellent advice on a number of other money-related issues in churches such as how to construct financial reports that are understandable by the average person in the pew, how to construct fair salaries for staff, etc.

Most ministerial training does not touch the subject of finances. Then ministers are placed in situations where they must lead organizations that have budgets of several hundred thousand dollars or more. Anxiety results. This book is an excellent primer for ministers on the reality of financial issues they must regularly address in their work. It will put them at ease on the subject and help them see it as a spiritual, not strictly fiscal, issue. I recommend this book for every minister.

From the Publisher

Frank, straightforward guidance for clergy seeking to develop a sound theology of money and skills for church administration, Ministry and Money also puts forth a new strategy for self-care, and a confident approach to managing both personal and congregational finances. Dan Hotchkiss wants to help clergy overcome their own anxieties about money matters so they can help others address the personal, social, and congregational aspects of this challenging and often difficult topic.

About the Author

Rev. Dan Hotchkiss consults with synagogues and churches on strategic and financial planning, conflict management, clergy transition, and fund-raising. Dan speaks and writes widely on leadership and organizational life, and has been a leader, minister, and consultant for over 25 years. Dan has served as a parish minister and national ministerial placement director for the Unitarian Universalist Association.

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