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Bill Hybels, Living Beyond Myself: Launching A Volunteer Revolution, FirstServe™ - Willow Creek Resources

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Built upon the efforts of Willow Creek Community Church and its pastor, Bill Hybels, FirstServe™ helps uninvolved church members transform from consumers to servants by discovering where they fit in the body of Christ. Unlike the Network process, FirstServe™ is not a full-blown program to assess member gifts and coach them into long-term ministry involvement. Instead, it addresses those in the pew who are more reluctant to get involved. It is an elementary, first-step, non-threatening approach that encourages people to serve one time in a specific ministry and then evaluate the experience, thus FirstServe™.

The essential concepts come from the book by Bill Hybels, The Volunteer Revolution: Unleashing the Power of Everybody (2004). Willow Creek Association expands on the book through the FirstServe™ Campaign Kits. These include CD implementation guides, communication pieces, web site tips, how to set up Ministry Expos, and a full range of church assembly materials with message transcripts, drama scripts, music charts, and service cue sheets. DVD resources include congregational promos, vision casting videos, four weeks of complete services, and more. Also available are participant guides for group reflection.

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