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Janet Jamieson and Philip Jamieson, Ministry and Money: A Practical Guide for Pastors. Westminster / John Knox, 2009.

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LifeandLeadership.com Summary

Ministers will appreciate the flow of this text from theology to praxis. Part One, “Developing a Theology of Money,” presents a good overview of common problems and perspectives on the relationship of money to congregational life, as well as an insightful summary of scripture and church history in relation to money. This is followed by an excellent chapter on how to develop a contextualized theology of money in one’s own ministry. For those looking for a practical theology of how the church expresses its relationship to money, this is good place to start (go deeper with the volumes in the section on Theology of Giving and Financial Stewardship).

Part Two, “Applying a Theology of Money,” goes to the next level by showing how good theology should inform our understanding and practice of basic accounting principles, crafting church financial reports, budgeting, financial transparency, money in the personal life of the pastor (great chapter, and unique to this volume), and helping churches give more effectively. See especially the final chapter, “Expanding the Conversation: How to Talk About Money When Not Asking for It,” which will empower and embolden ministers to approach this subject at times other than stewardship drives. This is one of the best primers on church finance available, in the same category as Malphurs Money Matters in the Church.

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From the Publisher

This book provides a practical resource for pastors and other clergy seeking a better understanding of the relationship between faith and money. In Part I, the authors provide biblical, historical, and theological perspective on money. They address issues such as how we understand the nature of money, how it should be used, and the ways in which responsible stewardship of money can be carried out in the local church. In Part II, these concepts are applied in practical ways, including an excellent primer on accounting practices, church financial reports, and church budgets to help clergy readers work through these dimensions of ministry. Throughout, the authors provide real-life examples to help clarify basic approaches to issues of money in the local church.

About the Author

Janet T. Jamieson is Associate Professor of Accounting at the University of Dubuque in Iowa.

Philip D. Jamieson is Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary.

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