Kirkwood, Pastoral Care in Hospitals


Neville H. Kirkwood, Pastoral Care in Hospitals. Second edition. Morehouse Press, 2005.

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Kirkwood draws on over twenty years of experience as a minister and hospital chaplain. It is probably the most comprehensive of the few books specific to helping the sick in hospitals, hostels, and homes. Full of exercises and suggestions for prayer and scripture reading. It guides one through healthy self-examination, patterns of interaction (e.g. when to talk and when to listen, what to say, what not to say), and a full-range of how-tos regarding most situations the minister will face in calling on the sick. Often recommended alongside Maxwell or Becker. Also consider Kirkwood’s pocket-sized guides:

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About the Author

Dr. Neville Kirkwood is an author, lecturer and preacher, and has served in a cross-cultural mission in India and as a hospital chaplain in Australia. He has a doctorate of ministry from San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, California, and currently resides in Australia.

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