Locker, The Volunteer Book


Denise Locker, The Volunteer Book: A Guide for Churches and Nonprofits. Beacon Hill Press, 2010.

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This is a comprehensive guide to implementing a “volunteer program” in a church, including recruitment, training, motivating, etc. It is a good supplement to the materials on this subject by Marlene Wilson.

From the Publisher

The old adage is true: many hands make light work. Needing help is not an indictment against our abilities; it is simply an acknowledgment that we can accomplish more by working together.

This principle is the same with volunteers today. They come alongside an organization or church to help fulfill the tasks God has called them to carry out. By failing to utilize their help and strengths, we are overlooking valuable resources and robbing them of opportunities to serve.

In The Volunteer Book, Denise Locker teaches readers the value of recruiting and maintaining volunteers. With insight and biblical wisdom, she stresses the importance of having a servant’s heart, attitude, and lifestyle. Through this impact, she offers readers the tips, strategies, and encouragement they need to train and nurture volunteers whose hearts are fine tuned to accomplish God-given assignments.

About the Author

DENISE LOCKER has launched, managed, and advanced volunteer programs in an international mission organization that operates in over seventy countries. She currently resides in California’s central valley with her canine companion, Hope.

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