Ludwig, In it for the Long Haul

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Glenn Ludwig, In it for the Long Haul: Building Effective Long-Term Pastorates. Alban Institute, 2002.

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Ludwig is a Lutheran minister who speaks out of his experience in a long relationship with his church. He also gleans from a carefully selected panel of ministry colleagues who have had staying power in their congregations. He discusses the many factors that work together to create tenure and dispels some of the more common myths that either overly-glorify or discourage long pastorates. In addition, Ludwig presents helpful guides on practices which help facilitate and sustain enduring relationships between a minister and congregation such as setting up and participating in support systems and equipping lay leaders for fulfilling roles. He provides a useful appendix including a bibliography on subjects important to minister self-care.

From the Publisher

When pastors and congregations come together in ministry, they generally do so with the hope that the relationship will be long-lasting and dynamic. The reality, however, is that long-term pastorates are an increasingly rare phenomenon in congregations. While there are many reasons that most pastors can only sustain their ministries in a parish for a relatively limited number of years, Glenn Ludwig argues that this does not have to be the case if both pastors and congregations take deliberate steps toward an enduring relationship.

About the Author

Glenn E. Ludwig is senior pastor of First Lutheran Church, Elliot Chit, Maryland. He served as chaplain to Susquehanna University, his alma mater, for five years previously. He is the author of three books on youth ministry and has been a keynote speaker at over 100 youth events in the United States and Canada.

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