McIntosh, Beyond the First Visit


Gary L. McIntosh, Beyond the First Visit: The Complete Guide to Connecting Guests to Your Church. Baker Books, 2006.

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McIntosh presents a thorough, detailed process on how to “guesterize” one’s church, responding warmly to guests and attracting new ones. It is full of real-life examples of what works and what does not. It perhaps overuses acronyms (e.g. MOT for “Moment of Truth,” etc.), but is still a useful guide to attract guests and keep them coming.

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From the Publisher

Does your church put out the “Welcome” mat or the “Do not disturb” sign?

We all like to think that our church is the friendliest one in town. But do visitors see it that way? Church consultant Gary L. McIntosh invites you to take another look at your church through the eyes of a first-time guest to identify the things that might be holding them back from a second visit.

This very practical book offers sound advice on assessing and improving the ways in which your church attracts people, welcomes them, does follow-up, and brings them into the church family. More than simply offering mere techniques, it gives suggestions for making a welcoming attitude part of the very fabric of your church.

About the Author

Gary L. McIntosh is professor of Christian Ministry and Leadership at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University. He is a former pastor with many years as a church consultant. He is the author or coauthor of thirteen books on church leadership and growth, and the editor of Church Growth Network and Journal of the American Society of Church Growth.

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