Moore, Firm Foundations


Lance Moore and Daniel Michal, Firm Foundations: An Architect and a Pastor Guide Your Church Construction. CSS Publishing, 1999.

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This is a highly recommended volume covering the complete process of a church building program, designed for use by all those involved. Its twelve chapters deal with setting up a building committee, hiring an architect, fund-raising and memorial giving, site/grounds preparations, parking lots, planning and design, acquiring materials, mechanical, A/C, plumbing, electrical, sanctuary design, sound systems and music, fellowship hall or family life center, nurseries, administrative space, kitchen, style, colors, carpets, draperies, finishing touches, dedication services, building use policies, etc. It contains many descriptive lists of what to consider in each space, and is full of helpful architectural diagrams. Written in a very readable and humorous style. The added bonus is the balanced dialogue between minister (Lance) and architect (Dan), combining the voices of ministry experience and architectural expertise. It presents the building process from the standpoint of what most ministers want but many members are not prone to entertain, e.g. balancing right-brain and left-brain people on the committee, appointing sub-committees, etc. But then there are those perspectives architects know best, e.g. why architects like to work with mainly two people, the preacher and the building committee chair. This is probably one of the most practical, non-technical books available to help churches with a building program.

From the Publisher

This year, thousands of churches will build or renovate, and many will repeat common mistakes — some with disastrous results. Even experienced architects and pastors cannot guarantee success if they fail to communicate properly with building committees. Well-intentioned parishioners waste time and money with misplaced priorities or by unnecessarily “re-inventing the wheel.”

This book offers a common language for ministers, church boards, contractors, and designers. Point by point, start to finish, Mr. Dan Michal, an architect involved in a variety of church building projects, and the Rev. Dr. Lance Moore, a pastor and the son of a pastor, warn of common follies and guide you in sorting out the best choices for your church. A copy for all involved in planning or building your facility may be the best investment you make!

Written for all churches, regardless of size or denomination, this guidebook is highly readable (even humorous at times), easily understood, and most of all, helpful. It is a useful reference for pastors, building committees, architects, and contractors.

Includes a variety of reproducible forms and helps, plus diagrams … and cartoons!

Editorial Reviews

“Any church that is in the process of building or considering building should study the book Firm Foundations. It could save a lot of time, help your church avoid many mistakes, and it will save the church money in the long run. I highly recommend it.” Dr. John Ed Mathison, Internationally known evangelist and pastor

“Sound advice, practical considerations and humor make this book a valuable guide for anyone involved in a church building program. This is not necessarily just a ‘how-to’, but a ‘why-to’ book as well.” Mike Holbrook, Contractor

“Firm Foundations should be considered ‘must reading’ for anyone involved in the church building process. The authors have given enough valuable information to make us good stewards — and enough comic relief to keep us from giving up on the task.” Dr. Thomas Kinchen, President, Florida Baptist Theological College.

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