Morgan, Simply Strategic Volunteers


Tony Morgan and Tim Stevens, Simply Strategic Volunteers: Empowering People for Ministry. Group Publishing, 2005.

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An excellent anthology of short, well-written, field-tested articles presenting 99 ideas on how to lead volunteers. Sets forth this philosophy: “The focus isn’t on the ministry role; it’s on the person who’s interested in finding a ministry. The emphasis isn’t on the service that needs to be performed; it’s on the people whose lives are affected by the servant.” (18)

The nicest feature of this book is that by using the table of contents and topical index, or thumbing through the brief, bulleted chapters, a person can find what they need very quickly. For those who work constantly with volunteers, this is likely to be a very used and tattered volume. It is good for all situations, whether you are working in situations where your volunteers have limited time requiring you to break down volunteer tasks into manageable segments for several workers, or with highly involved volunteers who want to make the most significant difference.

This is an excellent companion to the works by Marlene Wilson.

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From the Publisher

Power up your ministry with empowered people! These in-the-trenches authors show you how to help volunteers use their strengths to benefit the church - and their spiritual growth. Following in the footsteps of Simply Strategic Stuff, this comprehensive resource offers 99 straightforward solutions to help you recruit, train, motivate, and keep volunteers in ministry.

Lead people from being consumers in the church to being contributors, and help them find greater personal fulfillment in the process. The authors give you field-tested ideas on how to:

  • Create a serving environment
  • Structure unique serving roles
  • Help people learn how God has wired them for ministry and more

It’s simple—when you’re strategic!

About the Authors

Tony is the Campus Pastor of the Oak Leaf Campus and serves on the leadership team of West Ridge Church near Atlanta. He’s also a strategist, writer, speaker and consultant who equips leaders and churches to impact their communities for Christ. More important, he has a passion for the people. He’s all about helping people meet Jesus and take steps in their faith.

Tim Stevens is the Executive Pastor at Granger Community Church where he has helped the church grow from 400 to more than 4,000 in weekly attendance.

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