Nuffer, The Church Treasurer's Manual

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Bruce Nuffer, The Church Treasurer’s Manual: A Practical Guide for Managing Church Finances. Beacon Hill/Lifestream, 2008.

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From the Publisher

Most of the time, members who accept the position of church treasurer have little or no background in accounting, especially in smaller churches; and even those with accounting experience may have trouble knowing what’s expected of them when they begin their duties.

The Church Treasurer’s Manual is a practical tool that provides treasurers everything they need to know about handling church finances. From an overview of duties to helpful guidelines for completing tasks, new and veteran treasurers alike will learn practical tips and time-saving suggestions that will help them carry out their responsibilities in an effective and efficient manner.

Resources include:

  • An easy-to-understand overview of basic accounting principles
  • An extensive explanation of tax regulations
  • Options for monthly and annual financial reporting
  • A general job description for the church treasurer
  • Record keeping form for taxes, accounting ledgers, individual contribution records, budget worksheets, the offering, and more
  • Advice for handling payroll, housing allowances, and other compensations for the pastor and staff
  • Tips on communicating with the church board, the pastor, and the financial committee
  • Ethical guidelines for handling money

About the Author

BRUCE NUFFER created this product in consultation with numerous denominations, pastors, and church treasurers who appreciate the complexities of this demanding volunteer position. Bruce is a freelance writer and the marketing manager for WordAction Publishing and Barefoot Ministries. He and his wife, Yvonne, live in Kansas City, with their three children.

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