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Mobilizing Spiritual Gifts Series, Dr. Paul R. Ford

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Dr. Paul Ford is a leadership and teambuilding specialist associated with Church Resource Ministries, and Church Smart Resources. Ford’s focus is the “Leadership 3-step” (LEADER-to-TEAM-to-CHURCH) which trains the Christian leader to effectively steward his or her ministry identity, and then help team members and members of their churches do the same as they shift their values from an “I” culture to a “We” culture. His resources have been used by more than 50 denominations and mission groups, 800 individual churches, and 10,000+ Christian leaders.

Ford’s Mobilizing Spiritual Gifts Series includes the following resources:

  • Unleash Your Church! - A comprehensive leader’s guide covering foundational Biblical principles for gifts mobilization, a strategic seven step process for action, and instructions for using the “Getting Your Gifts in Gear” workbook, the “Ministry Mentor Guide” and the book “Seven Principles for Mobilizing Spiritual Gifts.”
  • Getting Your Gifts in Gear - A Bible study on spiritual gifts with seven lessons and six discovery exercises for Sunday School classes or small groups. Covers three key principles of spiritual gifts, team style, and ministry passion. Participants discover their ministry identity and potential places to serve. Not just a gifts assessment, but a combination of six assessments included the Enjoy Sheet, Past Ministry Involvement, Ministry Burden or Passion, Team Style Questionnaire, Gifts/Ministries Guide, and the Heights Spiritual Gifts Survey (3 parts).
  • The spiritual gifts surveys are also available as individual pieces, the Heights Spiritual Gifts Survey (includes worship/sign gifts) and the Modified Heights Spiritual Gifts Survey (does not include the worship/sign gifts).
  • A similar tool, Discovering Your Ministry Identity, expands upon the material to assist teams or small groups in discerning the significance and strategic role of each player.
  • Also, Your Leadership Grip has a more limited focus, primarily on spiritual gifts, to help an individual leader understand how he or she functions in a team. (See Summary).
  • Getting Your Gifts in Gear Video - The training video covers every piece of Mobilizing Spiritual Gifts and overviews each of the other resources in the series.
  • Ministry Mentor Guide - Equips ministry mentors to help individuals discover their spiritual gifts and express these gifts in fulfilling ministry roles.
  • Seven Principles for Mobilizing Spiritual Gifts - Helps leaders communicate the critical principles for developing a church-wide values system for lay mobilization. An excellent overview of the biblical principles.

Each of these resources may be purchased from Dr. Paul Ford’s website.


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