PLACE Ministries, Jay McSwain

P.L.A.C.E. Ministries, Jay McSwain

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Developed by Jay McSwain, P.L.A.C.E. Ministries is a comprehensive exploration of one’s God-given design toward ministry involvement. It covers a five-step discovery process (see video):

  • Personality Discovery - discover personality style based on the DISC model.
  • Learning Spiritual Gifts - discover spiritual gifts from a scripture-based, 16-gift model.
  • Abilities Awareness - discover the most effective environment for them to comfortably serve.
  • Connecting Passion with Ministry - identify passions for ministries and people, and discover how to best demonstrate that passion.
  • Experiences of Life - explore the effects of past experiences and how they play a vital role in finding a place of service.

To assess one’s PLACE, the ministry uses a specialized inventory that comes in both Adult and Teen versions, and available in paper and online delivery. The inventories are designed to go alongside congregational workshops, individualized coaching and follow-through. PLACE Ministries offers complete implementation guides and facilitator and participant materials that help church leaders implement the system in their congregations (see video). Consultation guides then help workshop participants go to the next level with what they have learned. A helpful feature of the PLACE website provides each church an extensive online data-base of the profiles of their members who have completed the discovery process, allowing targeted connections to ministry leaders within their congregations. PLACE also conducts nationwide public offerings of a training workshops as well as customized on-site training packages to help churches understand and get started with the process.

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