Rediger, Clergy Killers


G. Lloyd Rediger, Clergy Killers: Guidance for Pastors and Congregations Under Attack. Westminster / John Knox, 1997.

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While is is important to avoid some of the reactionary excess in this book (see Boers’ Never Call Them Jerks), this book is still valuable in identifying a legitimate problem of people who are hostile toward those in church leadership positions, particularly pastors. Rediger acknowledges there are those with personality disorders, mental illnesses and mean streaks whom it is impossible to pacify with gentle kindness and rational negotiations. The book is a dose of harsh realism, equipping readers to distinguish between normal and abnormal conflict and respond to those who can be hurtful. I do not recommend this as the first book to read when experiencing a challenging relationship in the church, but it does make a useful contribution to the subject.

From the Publisher

In a startling survey by Leadership, it was discovered that 23 percent of Protestant clergy have been fired at least once, and, even more significantly, 41 percent of congregations have fired at least two pastors. Rediger offers conflict management tactics for these “abusive” congregations.

About the Author

G. Lloyd Rediger, ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA), is a consultant to denominations and seminaries on issues of clergy health, self-care, and sexual malfeasance.

A popular speaker and writer, he is author of Coping with Clergy Burnout (1982), Clergy Killers (1997), and Fit to Be a Pastor (1999). He holds a doctorate in pastoral counseling from Chicago Theological Seminary.

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