Sider, Fixing the Moral Deficit

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Ronald J. Sider, Fixing the Moral Deficit: A Balanced Way to Balance the Budget. IVP Books, 2012.

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It is no secret that America faces a financial crisis. Ron Sider, a respected Christian social activist, brings the moral principles of scripture to bear on the issues, avoiding vitriolic, partisan rhetoric.

The first three chapters will resonate with Christian readers all along the political spectrum. Sider describes the reality of the deficit crisis and the continued rise of both poverty and economic inequality. Chapter four explains and evaluates current proposals in light of biblical principles. Here, as usual, he attempts a centrist, balanced perspective. In chapter five, Sider offers his proposals, and then concludes with a chapter outlining 18 action steps. His broad proposals focus on government policies (emphasis on federal), public-sector distribution, and tax structures. The action steps concentrate on being informed, political activism, generous support of helping organizations, simple lifestyles, etc. There are fewer references to state or local government measures, business development, job creation, and private-sector wealth generation.

One may not agree with all of his proposals. Nevertheless, Sider has earned the right to speak, and any reader will come away with a more enlightened and expanded view of the issues. Rick Warren, in his editorial endorsement, says, “I read everything Ron Sider writes because he makes me think through angles and issues that I might not consider. He’ll do the same for you.”

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Publisher’s Description

The national deficit is certainly a crisis. But alongside it a moral deficit is exploding as well.

Some want to unjustly thrust the burden of the debt on our grandchildren. Others want to balance the budget on the backs of the poor. But both plans are morally bankrupt.

There is a way—a realistic way, a moral way—to fix the deficit. We can break political gridlock with solutions that stand on a foundation of solid values and fair play. If you are tired of politics as usual that fails to operate as if people mattered, take heart in Ron Sider’s balanced, practical approach. Consistent with deeply Christian principles, he offers a way forward that truly provides justice for all.

About the Author

Ronald J. Sider is the founder of Evangelicals for Social Action, which publishes Prism magazine. He is also professor of theology, holistic ministry and public policy at Palmer Theological Seminary in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. He is the author of many books, including Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger and Just Generosity.

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