Steinbron, The Lay-Driven Church


Melvin J. Steinbron, The Lay-Driven Church: How to Empower People in Your Church to Share the Tasks of Ministry. Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2004.

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An excellent volume, now in it’s second edition, on how to shape a church culture to be needs-conscious, gift-oriented, egalitarian, ministry-balanced, biblical, mobilized, and failure-resistant. It then presents the kind of change that must take place in the people and the pastoral leadership for this to occur. This is a sequel to Steinbron’s popular volume on the same subject, Can the Pastor Do it Alone? A Model for Preparing People for Lay Pastoring. Regal Books, 1987.

From the Publisher

Laypeopole are not lazy, they just need purpose, motivation, and direction, says Melvin Steinbron. He tells church leaders how to make their ministry more effective by getting more of the congregation involved in the work of the church.

About the Author

Melvin J. Steinbron has served on the staffs of Hope Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis, MN, and College Hill Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati, OH. The founder of Lay Pastors Ministry, Dr. Steinbron received his M.Div. from Northwestern Lutheran Theological Seminary and his D.Min. from United Theological Seminary, Dayton, OH. He is also the author of The Lay-Driven Church.

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