Waltz, Lasting Impressions


Mark L. Waltz, Lasting Impressions: From Visiting to Belonging. Group Publishing, 2004.

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This volume picks up where Waltz’s first one, First Impressions, left off, helping those who visit to take the next steps and become disciples. Waltz says:

This book will not only explore a biblical philosophy for helping people take steps toward Christ, but will also offer realistic, doable steps to create a culture where taking steps is normal and normal people stake steps. I’ve learned that this culture is cultivated when we create environments and make space for experiences that are intuitively understood and easily accessed. (7)

Waltz includes many stories from his experience at Granger Community Church, along with helpful exercises. Some may also be interested in Waltz’s more recent volume, How to Wow Your Church Guests.

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From the Publisher

If Christians were cars, most would be recalled. That’s because the vast majority of Christians aren’t going anywhere. They aren’t taking the next steps in their spiritual journey. They’re stalled. This practical guide addresses that dilemma, offering a proven strategy for turning church guests into believers, and believers into committed Christ-followers. The model offered by author Mark Waltz is flexible and adaptable for any congregation.

About the Author

Mark Waltz is a unifying force at Granger Community Church where as pastor of connections, he oversees adult relational connections, including groups, guest services and volunteer strategies. Mark’s book, First Impressions: Creating Wow Experiences in Your Church, addresses the issues of guest attendance growth and volunteer development, offering strategies for making high-impact first impressions. His new book, Lasting Impressions, picks up where First Impressions leaves off. How do you help visitors to your church find a place of genuine belonging?

Mark’s ministry expertise is complemented by his marketplace experience, which includes retail management, employment training and recruitment. These combined experiences make Mark a sought-after trainer and consultant for churches desiring to improve their serve to their guests. Mark has occasionally tailored his presentations to address guest relations in the private sector where relationships are the bottom-line to success.

His priorities before pastoring, writing or training are his wife of 27 years, Laura and their daughter, Olivia. A trip to the mall, a night at the movies, or a week at the beach are a few of the favorite pastimes Mark enjoys with them.

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