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Marlene Wilson, Group Publishing’s Volunteer Leadership Series

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This series is by Marlene Wilson who has written and trained on volunteer issues for 35 years. More than 250,000 people from churches and volunteer organizations have attended Marlene’s workshops in the United States, Canada, and Europe. These four volumes are part of Group Publishing’s Volunteer Leadership Series and Church Volunteer Central. Each is summarized below followed by the publisher’s description.

Marlene Wilson, Creating a Volunteer-Friendly Church Culture. Group Publishing, 2003. (links appear at left)

Here’s practical help for building a solid foundation for your volunteer ministry. You’ll discover…

  • The three things you must believe about volunteers for your ministry to thrive
  • A clear, do-able 12-step process for launching or revitalizing your church’s volunteer program
  • A proven approach for bringing about positive change if your church culture needs a tune-up

Bonus: Use the enclosed test to determine if your church is volunteer-friendly or volunteer-toxic…and discover how to fix what’s broken!

Marlene Wilson, Volunteer Recruitment, Interviewing, and Placement. Group Publishing, 2003.

When you have a system in place to get the right volunteers into the right jobs for the right reasons, your volunteers stick longer, enjoy their volunteer experience more, and they are more effective. In this volume:

  • Learn a new way of thinking about recruitment
  • Discover why people do-and don’t-volunteer
  • Understand how to market your volunteer ministry
  • Learn how to craft messages that attract attention and prompt participation
  • Know how to interview and place prospective volunteers where they’ll be best suited to serve.

Bonus: A 90-minute workshop helps you equip a team of interviewers. Plus, reproducible forms help you launch your recruitment and interview campaign.

Marlene Wilson, Volunteer Job Descriptions and Action Plans. Group Publishing, 2004.

This volume will help you…

  • Decide exactly what volunteers can-and can’t-do in your church (we’ll show how you how to tell!)
  • Design crystal-clear job descriptions so volunteers know precisely what’s expected of them
  • Determine in advance which church ministry leaders are truly prepared to use volunteers effectively
  • Discover how to train ministry leaders who need help managing volunteers.

Plus, you’ll learn how to help ministry leaders delegate effectively. And you’ll learn how to manage risks so you can protect your church, your volunteers, and the people you serve.

Marlene Wilson, Volunteer Encouragement, Evaluation, and Accountability. Group Publishing, 2004.

Holding volunteers accountable to high standards can seem difficult, but the reality is that they want this accountability. Volunteers want to know how they’re doing…to be reassured they’re appreciated…and held to high standards. Here’s everything you need to know to give volunteers what they want and deserve. In this volume you’ll discover…

  • How to make volunteer evaluations friendly and fun for everyone involved
  • How to solve most volunteer-related problems before they happen-and the four questions to ask if a problem does appear
  • How to delight each of your volunteers as you provide the encouragement and recognition they need

Bonus: A list of proven, practical ways to honor volunteers-without busting your budget!

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