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Thursday, May 31, 2012 at 1:06PM
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About LifeandLeadership.com

What is LifeandLeadership.com?

LifeandLeadership.com was prepared with one mission in mind:

To help people grow into the best version of themselves and thereby live and lead more effectively.

It began in 2000 as a simple website to present a few consulting models and resource links. It expanded in 2012, and was updated to its current format in 2018. Here I blend almost four decades of ministry and over twenty years of consulting, coaching, and university/seminary teaching into a resource for those who want to change deeply, live purposely, and lead effectively. (see BIO)

What LifeandLeadership.com IS…

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What LifeandLeadership.com is NOT…

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Who Is It For?

LifeandLeadership.com is targeted to three groups:

The design is simple…

  1. You need a resource.
  2. You go to the Resource Index and find your topic.
  3. You browse through the Resource Guides to find the best book or books for your needs. The goal is to help you make an informed selection in a timely manner. The Resource Guides may also expose you to the range of issues on that subject.
  4. You access your favorite bookstore and order the book.
  5. You are better equipped for leadership.

See also How to Use The Site.

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Who Writes the Material?

Aside from the publisher’s descriptions and author bios in the book summaries, and a few other places as noted, I write the material.

The sole authorship is a plus and a minus. The plus is you know the content is mine, and can recognize it as such, limitations and all. If you read through the BIO you will see I bring reasonable credentials to this work. Even so, there is the minus that the content is only mine. It is far from all you need. Part of the reason for linking to the bookstores is to allow you to read the comments of other reviewers.

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What Are The Terms of Use?

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What Is Your Privacy Policy?

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