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Thursday, May 31, 2012 at 12:00PM
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Site Use, Participation, and Following


  1. Choose a Leadership Resource Guide from the Resource Complete Index.
  2. Scan the book summaries in the guide.
  3. Click through to the books that interest you.
  4. Browse until you find what you need.

How Can I Use the Site?

Each of the methods described below involves using the Resource Complete Index. It may help if you bring up the site in another window and place it side-by-side with this page, allowing you to follow the instructions without interruption.

THREE BEST WAYS to use the site.

1. PRACTICAL - Quickly find the book you need on a given subject

The design of the site allows for a simple sequence:

For your convenience, the Index is always linked in the top menu bar. There site footer also has a Quick-list. A short list of directly related guides appears at the bottom of each Resource Guide and Book Summary.

2. DEVELOPMENTAL - Use the Resource Guides to map growth for yourself or those you coach and mentor.

In addition to the targeted search described above, you may want to read several books as part of planned growth for greater effectiveness in leadership and life, either for you or someone you advise. These steps may help.

  1. Choose you area from Complete Index.
  2. Browse through the book listings, noting the special categorizations such as “First Reads,” “Strong Supplements,” and other tags that may help you devise a growth plan. You may not agree with my categorizations, but it’s a place to start.
  3. Read the first book, then come back to the guides to keep going until you have achieved your goal.

3. EDUCATIONAL - Use the Resource Guides to help educate you and/or your leadership team.

Leaders often need help to better understand dimensions of their roles. You may use the resource guides and book summaries to gain needed insight. These steps may help.

  1. Choose your area from the Complete Index.
  2. Read through the guide, especially if there are introductory essays.
  3. Click through and read the summaries of several books to gain a broad overview of the subject.
  4. Choose the book or books you need for further reading. Click through to the bookstores to purchase or read further reviews.
  5. Keep coming back to the guides and summaries until you feel confident of your grasp of the subject.

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Other Ways to Use the Site

  1. Author or Title Browse (good for a specific author or title, not as helpful for subject queries) – Use the search feature in the upper right corner of the site (mobile, very top of page). Put in an author, and this feature will generate a list of all places on the site where that author is featured or referenced. You can do the same for a title, and it will list if that book has its own page or if it appears in the content of any Resource Guide.
  2. General Keyword Subject Search (If you can’t find what you need by any of the methods above) - Use the search feature in the upper right corner of the site (mobile, very top of page). Put in a keyword related to a subject of interest. The search will generate a generic list of books and resource guides. I have carefully assigned categories and keywords to each page of the site, and the search feature is robust. So if there’s anything on the site that addresses your topic, hopefully it will appear on the list.

How Can I Follow the Site?

There are four ways:

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