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Social Ministry, Introduction, Index to Resources

This is a general index to site sections on Social Ministry. It links to resource guides on Theological and Philosophical Foundations of Social Ministry, Spirituality for Ministry of Social Compassion and Justice, Strategies for Christian Social Ministry, Urban Ministry, Political Theory and Church-State Relations, and Economics and Public Policy.

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Social Ministry, Theological and Philosophical Foundations

This guide features resources on the biblical, spiritual, and philosophical foundations of social ministry. Authors include Gary Haugen, Richard Stearns, Ron Sider, Jim Wallis, John Perkins, Tony Campolo, Shane Claiborne, Tim Keller, Charles Colson, Brant Myers, Steve Corbett, Craig Blomberg, Ben Witherington, Ash Barker, and others.

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Social Ministry, Strategies 

The resources in this guide discuss how to craft and engage strategies for social ministry. This includes creating congregational readiness for social ministry, generating ideas and enthusiasm for social ministry, choosing the right social ministry strategy for one’s congregation (structured as well as less-structure programs). Authors include Heidi Unruh, Ron Sider, Ronald Johnson, Mae Elise Cannon, Brian McLaren, Rick Rusaw, Tim Keller, Steve Sjogren, Robert Lewis, and others.

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Social Ministry Among Urban Poor, Urban Ministry

Urban ministry is a very specialized form of outreach. Those who engage it should do so only after they have consulted widely, perhaps even with specialists to help them understand their contexts. The resources in this guide are not exhaustive, but representative of the field. They offer enough for church leaders to gain basic exposure to the dynamics of urban ministry. Yet it will probably be necessary to go well beyond what is listed.

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Social Ministry, Political Theory, Church-State Relations

Social ministries often involve interfacing with government policies on community, state, and national levels. The role of church leaders is to help congregations express their social conscience in ways that uphold God’s vision for both the church and the state as his agents for good. The books summarized in this guide help toward that end.

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Social Ministry, Perspectives on Economics, Public Policy

Social ministry by nature forces discussion about the economics of poverty, wealth, and aid to the poor. Authors often write with a strong tone of advocacy or opposition on economic systems, both capitalism and socialism. While most church leaders do not aspire to be economists, they may unwittingly convey economically ill-informed proposals if their only exposure to social justice is through authors who are more one-sided on the issue. This guide lists introductory volumes that may help church leaders engage these issues more thoughtfully.

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