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Follow the links below to find ministry resources with emphasis on Church Administration. Be sure to see the list at the bottom of the page for church leader tools in related areas.

Church Administration - Church Building, Church Design, Church Architecture

  • Guides to Architectural and Building Issues
  • Theology of Church Architecture
  • Building Maintenance

Church Administration - Stewardship of Church Money, Church Finance

  • Blend of Theology and Praxis
  • Primers on Practical Dynamics
  • Practical Guides

Church Administration - General Manuals

  • Theological Foundations
  • Pastoral Foundations
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Seasoned Advice
  • Digital Church Administration / Management Systems

Church Administration - Church Giving, Tithing, and Financial Stewardship

  • Theological and Spiritual Foundations - including Christian Social Conscience Regarding Possessions and Spirituality of Giving
  • Sociological Trends
  • Development Guides - Including congregational materials, family helps, and faith-based financial education

Church Administration - Church Marketing, Church Communication, and Church Advertising

Church Administration - Church Staff and Ministry Evaluation

Church Administration - Church Tax, Church Law, Church Risk, and Church Safety

  • Guides to Church Legal Issues
  • Guides to Church Tax Issues
  • Guides to Church Risk Management

Church Administration - Church Software, Technology and Computers

  • Computers
  • Digital Library of Church Administration Resources
  • Digital Church Administration / Management Systems

Web Resources, Church Administration


Other Ministry Resources on Christian Ministry and Church Administration:

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