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Change in the Church - Creating Receptiveness & Overcoming Resistance


Part of the resources for church leaders on Transition and Change in the Church.


Perhaps the most difficult task for Christian leaders relative to change in the church is overcoming hesitation. There is the axiom that people do not change unless they perceive the need. Yet this is often not enough, as people may know they need to change, but still fail to take action. Creating a sense of need, both among church leaders and members, and then moving others to action, is a crucial skill. This often involves peeling away several layers of resistance.  The following ministry resources help toward that end.

Remember to see the list at the bottom for church leader resources in related areas including Concepts/Theories for Change in the Church and Strategies for Leading Transiton and Change in the Church.

Creating Change Receptiveness, Overcoming Change Resistance in Leaders:

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Creating Change Receptiveness, Overcoming Change Resistance in Churches:

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