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Strategies for Peacemaking in Church Conflict


Most church leaders are motivated to deal with conflict only when necessary. This is understandable. Ideally, church leaders would train themselves during peaceful times to be better prepared when conflicts arise, but this is rare. When they do face a difficult conflict, and are more receptive to resources, they often want simple, step-by-step guides. These are hard to come by. Church conflict is usually too complex for a generic guide to apply to every situation. Also, even the most practical guides are more technical than most busy church leaders are willing to wade through. The result is that leaders usually just do the best they can and hope and pray for good outcomes.

These realities make it difficult when someone says, “Could you please recommend a book on conflict to help us through our mess?” It depends on the mess. That said, some resources are accessible enough to help, no matter how pressing the situation.

One caveat. Some conflict skills are specialized, such as mediation, arbitration, and group facilitation. Rarely can one become proficient in these interventions by reading a book. Training is necessary in settings that integrate instruction, practice, and evaluations by qualified professionals. For those interested, I highly recommend Peacemaker Ministries Training and Events.

I have tried to describe the ministry resources below so readers may choose the right one(s) for their circumstances. Remember to see the list at the bottom for resource suggestions in related areas.

Strategies for Peacemaking, Managing and Resolving Church Conflict

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Navigating Ongoing Unsolvable Tensions, Polarity Management:

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