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Small churches are unique, presenting special challenges to leaders. Since the vast majority of churches are small, good materials are needed to affirm the strengths and embrace the opportunities of these contexts. The ministry resources below may help. Each is categorized under specific issues. Remember to see the bottom of the page for a list of related ministry resources. 


Perspectives on the Small Church

Building Small Church Morale

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Intentional Growth and Development of the Small Church

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Special Concerns in Small Church Ministry

Administration in the Small Church:

Bi-Vocational Ministry:

Children and Youth Ministry in the Small Church:

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Christian Education in the Small Church:

Equipping Members for Ministry in the Small Church:

Encouragement for Small Church Ministers:

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Evangelism in the Small Church:

Giving and Stewardship in the Small Church:

Leadership Development in the Small Church:

Mission in the Small Church:

Pastoral Care in the Small Church:

Rural and Small Town Ministry Settings:

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Size Transitions in the Small Church (See separate page on Size Transitions):

Spiritual Formation in the Small Church:

Worship in the Small Church:

Web Resources on the Small Church

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