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Part of LifeandLeadership.com resources for church leaders, with emphasis on Church Administration It is part of the site archive, which is not updated past 2012.

**Ministry resources listed in recommended order, unless alphabetical


Most churches use computers and will seek help somewhere other than this site. The resources below are very basic and not as current as some may need, but may help nonetheless.

Ministry Resources on Computers

Digital Library of Administrative Resources 

Digital Church Management Systems

This is a highly specialized and rapidly changing field. This guide is not updated as regularly as other sections of LifeandLeadership.com, but the following may provide a good investigative start.

  • ACS Technologies - The recognized leader in computer-based church management systems including desktop, web, and mobile applications, serving over 50,000 faith-based organizations.
  • LifeWay Digital Church - a key supplier for Southern Baptist Churches, includes a wide selection of computer-based church management products.
  • Servant Keeper - A popular, comprehensive system used by over 22,000 churches.
  • Shelby Systems Church Management Software - A high end provider of financial and membership software tools for ministries and other faith-based organizations, with a clientele of over 8,500 users in more than 40 countries.

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Related Ministry Resources:

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