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Whether in the context of missional, emergent, or established churches, evangelism is an important aspect of Christian ministry. I have made a few observations on evangelism in one of the interpretive essays, Missional Perspectives. These ministry resources focus on several dimensions of understanding and practicing evangelism. It is divided into two main sections described below. Follow the links to the resource recommendations.

Theology and Practice of Evangelism

  • Missionally Responsive/Evangelical
  • Reformed
  • Missional/Missio Dei
  • Emergent
  • Evaluating-Emergent

Guides to the Practice of Evangelism

  • Effective Evangelistic Churches (Evangelical)
  • Evangelism in Contemporary Culture, Special Challenges
  • Evangelism Approaches, Missional
  • Evangelism Approaches, Missionally Responsive, Evangelical
  • Service-Based Evangelism
  • Conversational/Relational Evangelism
  • Evangelism Approaches, Modern Classics


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