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Missional Resources for Church Leaders - Index


What is Missional? 

The missional movement is a robust conversation spawning scores of books and dominating the blogosphere among church leaders in the last couple of decades. For those engaged in the conversation, “missional” is a pregnant term. Yet since it views Christian leadership and Christian ministry so differently from conventional understandings, others may need an introduction. The ministry resources on include a collection of articles Missional Perspectives (see below) that may help.

Note: This guide is a convenience duplicate of Church Leadership and Church Health Strategies: Missional

Missional Perspectives for Christian Ministry, Mission and Ministry in the Postmodern Ethos

Missional Church Philosophy

Theology of Mission

  • Theology of Mission, Proposals and Formulations – Missio Dei
  • Theology of Mission, Proposals and Formulations – Resurgent Reformed
  • Theology of Mission, Proposals and Formuations – Missional-Convergent with Conventional
  • Theology of Mission, Proposals and Formulations – Missional-Convergent with Attractional
  • Theology of Mission, Proposals and Formulations – Missionally Responsive Evangelical
  • Local Theologies, Contextualization

Missional Communities

  • Missio Dei
  • Organic Church
  • Resurgent Reformed
  • Convergent with Conventional
  • Convergent with Attractional

Missional Leadership, Missional Strategies

Missional Lifestyle, Discipleship, Spirituality


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