Stewardship of Church Money, Church Finance
Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 10:14PM
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Part of resources for church leaders with emphasis on Church Administration.See also the companion guide on Church Giving, Tithing, and Financial Stewardship.

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THEOLOGICAL Primers on Church Money, Church Finance, and Stewardship

PRACTICAL Primers on Church Money, Church Finance, and Stewardship

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Administrative Guides on Church Money, Church Finance and Stewardship (See also Church Administration - General Manuals)

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Administrative Guides on Church Tax

Since ministers have unique tax responsibilities, burdens, and allowances, such guides are indispensable for the financial health of the minister and family. It is recommended that these volumes be used in conjunction with, not apart from, professional advice from an accountant or tax attorney, especially in one’s early years of ministry. If after several years of experience one does not feel the need to consult a professional, it is still important to reference these guides, and to get the updated volume for each new tax year.

Dan Busby, Zondervan Church and Non-Profit Organization Tax and Financial Guide – Zondervan’s recommended version of the standardized manuals on the unique tax regulations regarding churches and ministers. Busby has written other one-of-a-kind volumes on related subjects:

Beverly J. Worth, Worth’s Income Tax Guide for Ministers, (Current Year) Edition – A very popular guide for ministers’ taxes.

Richard R. Hammar, J.D., LL.M., CPA. Church and Clergy Tax Guide – The Your Church Magazine/Christianity Today recommended version of the standardized ministry tax manuals.

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