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Transition and Change in the Church, Introduction

An important aspect of leadership is the role of the leader as an agent of change. Also, most approaches to Church Renewal are essentially change methodologies. If change is inevitable, it makes sense to engage it intentionally. While congregational change is complex, especially in larger groups, some dynamics are fairly universal. This guide highlights these factors, and includes links to all other site materials on change and transition.

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Change in the Church, Concepts and Theories

The following resources provide solid overviews of the concepts, processes, and skills of change in congregations. Not all resources are church-related, but translate well into ministry situations. Although they present strategies for leading change and transition, their strength is on concepts.

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Church Change, Creating Receptiveness, Overcoming Resistance

One of the most difficult tasks in introducing change is overcoming hesitation. This relates to the axiom that people do not change unless they perceive the need. Yet this is often not enough, as people may know they need to change, but still fail to take action. Creating a sense of need, both among leaders and members, and then moving others to action, is a crucial skill. This often involves peeling away several layers of resistance. The following resources help toward that end.

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Leading Transition and Change in Church

Leading congregational change certainly involves more than setting a good process in motion. That said, there is no substitute for good process. The following resources present refined processes for dealing with change, that actual alteration, and transition, the inner reorientation persons make in adjusting to change. These are followed by a list of several good supplemental volumes on the subject.

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