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Church Administration, Index to Resources

As the general index to site materials on Church Administration, this guide links to all other resource guides on the topic, including architecture and building issues, finance, general administrative manuals, giving and financial stewardship, marketing and communication, tax and legal issues (including risk management), technology, and web resources.

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Church Administration, General Manuals

This guide features the standard, general manuals on church administration. These are the single-volume comprehensive tools that do not focus on one area, but attempt to give baseline instruction on all administrative tasks. Each has its respective strengths, which are designated in the list.

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Stewardship of Church Money, Church Finance

This guide lists resources on the full range of church financial issues. This includes accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, transparency, minister’s finances, congregational giving, managing risks, creating endowments, managing cash flow, etc. Also consult the companion guide on Giving and Financial Stewardship in Congregations.

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Church Giving, Tithing, Generosity, Stewardship

These resources focus on church giving, tithing, generosity, and financial stewardship

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Church Marketing, Church Communication, Church Advertising

This guide lists resources that help congregations communicate internally and spread the word externally with more honesty, accuracy, confidence, and effectiveness.

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Church Software and Technology

Most churches use computers and will seek help somewhere other than this site. The resources in this guide are very basic and not as current as some may need, but may help nonetheless.

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Church Administration, Web Resources

This guides links to the websites of the most recognized organizations that specialize in matters of church administration.

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Evaluation, Job Descriptions for Ministry Staff, Church Staff

This guide lists resources on evaluation of church staff and how to construct effective job descriptions. This has implications both for overall Church Administration as well as Ministry Staff, and is categorized under both areas.

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