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Involvement, Spiritual Gifts in Christian Ministry

These resources address the universal belief that disciples should steward their gifts to forward the mission of God and build up the body of Christ, and that leaders must equip people for this. This is referred to in various says, depending on one’s perspective, using terms such as member involvement, ministry equipping, gift-based ministry, stewarding, or missional living. This guide discusses comprehensive systems of gift-based ministry, including small group approaches. It is closely related to the guides on “Greeting and New Member Integration,” “Managing Volunteers,” “Ministry Teams,” “Spiritual Gifts,” and “Missional Lifestyle, Discipleship, and Spirituality.”

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Volunteer Management for Ministry in Church

All churches, regardless of size, depend on members working together in ministry. Most of this is unpaid, or “volunteer.” Because of this, churches still experience all the dynamics of volunteer management. This has applications in the areas of Ministry Involvement and Church Administration.

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Spiritual Gifts

It is often difficult to separate literature on spiritual gifts from material on the bigger picture of member involvement through gift-based ministry. Many resources on spiritual gifts, however, including inventories, are focused mostly on gift discovery, but do not deal extensively with how to take members from the point of discovery to ministry involvement. The resources in this guide fit better into that category, while the related guide on Gift-Based Ministry looks at the broader concerns.

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