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Spirituality, Spiritual Formation, Index to Resource Guides

In the meantime, click below to related resource guides on Leadership Development, Ministry Burnout and Self-Care, and Missional Discipleship and Spirituality.

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Leadership Approaches - Servant Leadership

The core principle of servant leadership is that leaders serve others. The literature expresses this in at least two ways. The first is found in biblically-based materials on key figures such as Jesus and Paul as the exemplars of servant leadership. The second is from leadership studies, emphasizing “serving first vs. leading first” as an expression of empowering and transformational theories. This guide features biblically-based authors such as Gene Wilkes, Leighton Ford, and Calvin Miller, and corporate-based authors such as Robert Greenleaf, James Hunter, Kenneth Blanchard, and others.

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Ministry Ethics, Ethics for Church Leaders

Lists several standard resources on Ministry Ethics, including authors such as Trull and Carter, Milco, and Willimon. Also includes links to related guides on Ministerial Misconduct, Pastoral Theology, and Ministry Burnout/Self-Care.

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