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Leadership is relational. In today’s climate, the relational dimension is often played out in teams. The ministry environment is a natural fit for the team concept, allowing church leaders to elevate the theology of the Trinity as a missional community of Father-Son-Spirit who “send” the church into communally shared mission, accountable relationships, and stewardly exercise of spiritual gifts.

By nature, teams seek to empower others in a way that transforms both the participants and those impacted by their work. As such, they are more effective than individualistic efforts that can lead to silos, politics, and turf wars. On the other hand, they are not necessarily the most efficient way of handling things. They are complex organisms that require a high degree of intentionality to achieve and maintain an optimum level of performance. In other words, team functioning is hard work.

The resources listed below are not targeted to ministry but discuss universal team concepts.

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Kenneth Blanchard – Teamwork Principles in Simple Language

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Patrick Lencioni – Practical Team Principles and Strategies

John Maxwell on Teamwork

Essential Managers Series - This is a European-produced set of guides to all areas pertaining to leadership and management. They may not be top consults for church leaders, but the checklists, charts, diagrams, and bullet-lists will simplify common managerial tasks. 

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