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Christian Counseling and Pastoral Care - Introduction

This is the introduction and index to Pastoral Care and Counseling. It includes an essay that distinguishes Care and Counseling, and provides links to four distinct guides: Pastoral Care, Pastoral Counseling, Pre-Marital Counseling, and Weddings and Funerals

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Pastoral Care Resources

This is part of the Ministry Resource Guide on Pastoral Care and Counseling, which draws a distinction between general Pastoral Care and more specialized Pastoral Counseling. The resources listed below pertain to the general work of Pastoral Care, including spiritual and theological foundations, hospital visitation, crisis care, and listening skills.

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Pre-Marital Counseling

This is part of the larger Ministry Resource Guide on Pastoral Care and Counseling, with a focus on Premarital Counseling. It includes resources on the counseling process, assessments (e.g. PREPARE), communication, finances, sexuality, and more.

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